couple enjoying themselves at assisted living facility

7 Ways to Adjust to an Assisted Living Community.

How to Feel at Ease in Your New Residence.

Major moves can present challenges, but it is also a time for excitement about new beginnings. Once you decide to move to an assisted living community, you can look forward to much more freedom and less stress. You can leave home maintenance behind. Instead, you can count on responsive service and hospitality. Safety and security. Deliciously healthy meal choices. And a variety of things to do and people to meet.

Whether you’re the one making the move or you’re supporting and encouraging your loved one, there are some steps you can take to help smooth out the transition.

1. Start meeting people and participating in activities.

Packing and relocating takes a lot of energy – physically, emotionally and mentally. Take the time you need to recover, and then take the community’s lead at how to get best acquainted with the lifestyle.

At Oakley Courts, we encourage residents, when ready, to try to get out each day. As you become familiar with our daily programs, you’ll relax and feel more comfortable. Check out the activity calendar to see what you would like to participate in or just relax in some of our comfortable common areas to catch up on our community conversations.

2. Make your preferences known.

Your choices are important to you and to us. Because we respect your lifestyle, we’ll want to know about the things you like to do, favorite meals and all the things that make you happy. That information will help you adjust more easily to our community because we can follow up with you on the programs and services you desire most.

3. Give staff feedback.

We try to keep you informed and explain every aspect of our community. When you first move here, you’ll have lots of questions, and we welcome them. Our door is always open. We listen to our residents. If you have opinions, ideas, compliments or constructive feedback for us, we’re open to suggestions.

4. Surround yourself with your favorite belongings.

Most likely, you’ve recently downsized, but you’ve probably kept many of your most cherished possessions. This is a great opportunity to decorate your new apartment home as you see fit and personalize it with your treasured memorabilia. Feel free to make the space your own. The more little touches you add, the more you will start feeling at home.

5. Get help breaking the ice.

Staff and other residents will help orient you to the community and introduce you to others. Your neighbors could become great friends. Our daily activities, programs and meals will bring you together with like-minded seniors who can help you get more involved in our community. We’re eager, ready and waiting to get better acquainted with you and help you develop a real sense of belonging.

6. Try out new activities.

While your participation is always your choice, trying something different is good for your mood, your brain and your health. Ask your neighbors what they like doing best at Oakley Courts. Exercise your freedom of choice. The great part of living here is the abundance of activities and events available to you.

Remember to keep up with your past hobbies and friendships. We can help you maintain your sense of independence and keep your vital relationships after the move.

7. Invite family and friends over.

Our gracious community was specially designed for our residents with gathering spaces for your children, grandchildren, siblings, nieces, nephews or friends to visit and make new memories together. Use all of our community as an extension of your apartment home to spread out and entertain your relatives and friends.

Our goal is to help residents grow to see our community as home. We want your move here to be as simple and streamlined as possible, so please feel free to talk to our staff openly and honestly about your needs. If you haven’t explored Oakley Courts yet, we invite you to schedule a personal consultation.