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Fast admissions for uninterrupted care

A fast admission process means we care

Social workers and other professional caregivers can turn to our community for a fast admission process. We aim to review and respond within 20 minutes to all new resident inquiries. Our goal is to make the transition smooth so that your patients’ care will be minimally disrupted, if at all. That’s good news for your patients, and their families like it too.

Our community offers safe, residential environments staffed by caring professionals who provide the best in person-centered care. The 20-minute response means there’s less waiting for that care to begin. 

For 20-minute response time, all that’s needed is the most current information about the patient:

  • History and physical
  • Medication list, including IV therapy
  • Microbiology lab results (isolation needs)
  • Face sheet with hospital date
  • Progress or nurse’s notes (5 days)
  • Consultant reports
  • Therapy notes
  • Diagnostics

We believe this efficient 20-minute patient review process respects all the hard work in the history of social work, giving our best to those in need and helping those who help them.

It’s social worker appreciation month

As with physicians, physicians’ assistants, nurses and case workers, social workers are vital to the process of making life healthier and safer for older adults. At our community, we appreciate all these professionals – and we especially thank social workers during social worker appreciation month, which is March. 

Modern social work has its origins in the 19th century, when urbanization and industrialization shifted caregiving away from families and churches to institutions that could deal with the widening array of social problems. From Octavia Hill to Jane Addams and legions of others, models evolved for addressing social problems – including the issues of aging.

Today, social workers help older adults find the support they need for healthy living, often helping to ease their transitions into senior living communities for independent living, assisted living, memory care, long-term care or rehabilitation. We’re doing our part by offering the 20-minute response time initiative.

We believe in the mission of social work, and we love social workers

We’re inspired by every individual who comes to our community for care. To support them, we customize lifestyle choices and health care options to their unique needs, and we encourage them to maintain friendships and social circles, pursue whatever they find meaningful, and preserve their personal style. 

We’ve been this way since the beginning.

Dominic F. Tutera, M.D., founded Tutera Senior Living and Health Care in 1983. His vision was a senior lifestyle based on physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual well-being. 

Today, we’re steadfast in that mission, staying true to values of integrity, accountability and commitment. 

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