Oakley Courts' resident Dorothy

Resident Spotlight: Dorothy Voss

It’s all in the family for this Oakley Courts resident. Dorothy Voss moved to our Freeport, Illinois community because her niece Sheila is the executive director. She has lived here three years. Dorothy took her time making the decision to move to our community. She said she was hesitant because she wanted her daughter Kathy to take care of her, but Kathy was still working. Kathy began planting the seed about moving to a senior living facility after Dorothy’s husband passed away in 2013.

Why Oakley Courts?

Dorothy likes the home-like atmosphere here the most. As a smaller community, Oakley Courts is able to create a true sense of belonging for residents. It’s easy to get to know neighbors quickly and make friendships here. The community dining room is a great place to linger after meals for conversation. The menus include everyone’s favorites based on community recommendations. For family or more intimate events, there’s a private room available.

Dorothy’s Background and Family.

Friends would describe Dorothy as kind, caring, giving and hardworking. Currently, she enjoys reading, and she used to help on the farm when she and her husband owned a farm in Shannon, Illinois. After they retired from farming, they moved into a house in the village of Shannon.

Dorothy said, “It’s funny how I used to care for my niece Sheila and her twin sister now and then, and now Sheila and the staff are taking care of me.” She said she has a strong Christian faith and is proudest of her family.

The residents who call our community home have a broad range of interests and backgrounds. If you would like to learn more about their stories or want more information about our services, schedule a personal consultation at your convenience.